2018 Legislation Impacting Associations

It looks like 2018 will turn out to be a fairly busy legislative session. So far, the following bills have been introduced that impact community associations:

  • HB 18-1126:  Concerning the Permissible Regulation of Dogs in Common Interest Communities
  • HB 18-1057: Concerning the Collection of Debts and Disclosure of Information about Judgment Debtors
  • HB 18-1127: Concerning the Rental Application Process for Prospective Tenants
  • HB 18-1107: Concerning a requirement that builders of new residences offer buyers the option to accommodate electric vehicle charging systems.
  • SB 18-056: Concerning Monetary Amounts in Civil Actions
  • SB 18-009: Concerning the Right of Consumers of Electricity to Interconnect Electricity Storage Systems for use on their Property
  • SB 18-062: Concerning liability limits in snow and ice removal contracts

Stay tuned for future blog posts that will discuss each of these bills in detail. 

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