Do your community association parking restrictions address tanks?

You did not misread the headline. According to BGR Media published story, a Texas attorney recently purchased a WWII-era tank and parked it on the side of the street in front of his home.  The homeowner association where the attorney lives is, apparently, not too keen on the idea but does not have a legal right to tow or remove it since it is parked on a city street.  You can read more about this entertaining story here:

There are some practical takeaways from the story for community associations. While most associations have the right enforce parking restrictions in their community on association or owner owned property, those restrictions normally don’t apply to city owned streets. If there is a parking issue on a city owned street, then an association must determine whether there is a county, city or other municipal parking ordinance that can be enforced to remedy the issue.  Apparently, in this Texas neighborhood, it may be perfectly lawful to park a tank on the side of the street.

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